Boost Recruitment, Retention and Engagement of your Triathlon Programme regardless of what Leisure Management System you use.


Triathlon Passport is the UK’s leading triathlon software, offering huge benefits and great enhancements to your Triathlon structure.

Our triathlon software improves recruitment of Triathletes into your scheme by providing a more attractive offering to your customers, where children and parents can follow along and see how they are progressing with their lessons.

Children can logon and play online games to follow how they are doing in their lessons. Due to the fun and interactive nature of the software, children don’t want to leave the scheme.

Working alongside any triathlon plan or structure, the triathlon school software intuitively follows a triathlete's journey throughout their triathlon experience.

Managers of Triathlon Schemes will receive reports on their programme, broken down by centre, teacher, triathlete or an overall track of their programme.

It is also easy to set up! Our triathlon school software works alongside any leisure management system you use.